Lawrence Taylor

Wow! I am spent. Just looking at this timeline makes me feel as though I've experienced a lifetime of mixed emotions. I feel like I need to recover from the obvious disappointment that Mr. Sheafe experienced. Thank you Doug for your passion to uncover some of the richness of our Adventist history and thank you for not being afraid to shine a light on the darkness that is in our history.



One of the most comprehensive timelines on Elder Sheafe and black adventist history that I have seen in recent times.

Trina-member of Free SDA congregation

Constance Jones

Thank you for this most inspiring information about Elder Sheafe and the early work in the Adventist church.I had never heard of him until I was looking on praize vision and saw his name,and started to read about him.Looking at this timeline makes me feel like I'm experiencing his disappointments too.Thank you for this enlightenment. Constance

Dr. Edward L. Richardson

The problem of racism has been deep and strong in America.Sister White dealt withn it and tried to mix the races in the Church, but the pressures were so great against her that she could only come up with "The Southern Work".
Elder Sheafe was stung with racism and division in the Adventist Church, and because of his high intelligence and keen sensitivity was led to break with the Church as did several others.This was very unfortunate.
Only as we as Blacks have submitted to the plan God has had for our race, have we been able to make humble, spiritual and rapid progress. God allowed powerful and irresistible forces outside the Church to bring about positive changes inside the Church as well as in the nation. Marvelous and mysterious have been the workings of the Lord!

Garnett Weir

wow, oh wow. Fantastic information. Thanks Dwight. I will have to get the book.


Thank you for taking the time to research...I'm so happy to find this reference information. This increases the knowledge of "my kind of people"...makes me wanna shout!

Karen F

I have heard of Elder Sheafe while attending a Black History seminar for the Senior Youth Leadership Course, and I have been searching high and low for addtional inforamtion on him. Praise GOD for this site I am moved my the struggles and passion this gentleman had. But I have a story to tell To God Be the Glory Great things he has done, we have come a long way and by faith will are and still travelling on. Amen!
Thank for allthe information you have given.

David R Hearon

Thank you Dr. Morgan for your important work in revealing the life of this great man of God. I say that hoping in Christ's redeeming righteousness for him. I will continue to read your accounts of this endowed and remarkable servant of Jesus, trusting that he ultimately came to understand Ellen White's Vol. 9 comments as God intended them to be understood.

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