Michelle Riley Jones

Prof. Doug, we are delighted to see that your book has been published! Capitol Hill has enjoyed your series and we look forward to continuing to support your work. I hope to see you this afternoon at your book signing!

Michelle Riley Jones
Minister of Worship and Music
Capitol Hill SDA Church

Pastor Patrick Herbert

Dear Professor Morgan,

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did in putting together all the information that is found in your new book on the life and history of Lewis C. Sheafe. Surely God was your helper in this great task. It is evident that your research was extensive and thorough, and quite obvious that your presentation of the information was free from prejudice and bias. Thank you for simply presenting the facts. Surely, the book shows that Elder Sheafe made some major contributions to both the SDA church and the world by using his God-given talents to labor for unity and equality wherever it was lacking. Furthermore, it is indeed refreshing to learn from you that although this pioneer finally left the corporate body and fellowshipped elsewhere, he maintained his allegiance to the Adventist faith right up to the end of his life. May God bless him in the final resurrection, and may He also bless you for the time and sacrifices you made in producing this outstanding historical masterpiece.

Pastor Patrick Herbert,
Chairman of the Exec. Cmte., International Assoc. of Free SDAs

Jr Cofer

With Great interest, I look forward to obtaining a copy of your work on Elder Lewis C. Sheafe. As Seventh-day Adventists we still have the barriers that separated Elder Sheafe from his brothers and sisters of all races existing among us. His protest and preaching (against institutional racism among our leaders and churches) that lead to his denominational labors ending... lead others to establish a "separate but equal" compromise within the denomination with black regional conferences.

I trust that your book might be a catalyst to dialogue, understanding and preeminently gospel repentance among us as a people. May God have His way that the symptoms of the venom of sin (in this context racism) whether personal or institutional may give way to "John 17 Unity"...a philadelphian connection (Revelation 3:7)

Pastor Eric Betts, Coordinator-General Assembly Free SDA

Dear Dr. Morgan,

When I saw this volume in our local book store, I immediately purchased it, and contacted others encouraging them to do the same. After reading this volume, one word came to mind after examining the life story of an awesome ministry for God-Courage. I was particualarly enlightened on the chapters, "Shifting Ground in California" and "Free Seventh-day Adventists." I saw that men such as Lewis Shaefe and John Manns were a rare breed. While others patiently waited for times to get better, these men with the help of God changed the times. While others looked upon them as bringing division, your book actually shows how these men paved the way for greater understanding among the races, and the raising up of institutions that would advance the aims that they work seeking to advance. We need more men like this today, "who will stand for the right though the heavens fall." Thank you for bringing so much of this lost history to the surface.

Pastor Eric Betts, Coordinator-General Assembly Free SDA

In addition, we are currently working on a documentary about the Sheafe-Manns alliance that you mentioned in your volume. This publication has come to us at just the right time, as we will cite this volume extensively. Of all the biographies in the "Adventist Pioneer Series," this one is golden.

Pastor Eric Betts
Coordinator-General Assembly of Free Seventh-day Adventists

Jiggs Gallagher

Dear Doug,

Congratulations on publishing this book! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Jiggs Gallagher
Cathedral City, California

Pat Waugh

Dear Prof. Morgan, I attended your presentation (part II) at Dupont Park SDA Church on 2/16/2011. It was exciting to hear about this "little known" minister and to be able to tie him to the foundation of my home church was thrilling. I am proud to be a part of such a rich history, locally and globally. Thanks for writing such an honest book. God Bless you.

Pat Waugh
Dupont Park SDA Church (Formerly the "People's Church")

Troy J. Wison

Just reading this timeline has been amazing. As an independent church with strong Adventist roots and beliefs, I was enlightened and inspired by this information. I am interested to know how Sheafe and James K. Humpreys interacted since Humprey left the system around 1929. Any insight would be welcomed.

Eric M. Betts

In light of the one-hundred year anniversary of the Lewis Sheafe led formation of the Berean Free Seventh-day Adventist Church of Los Angeles and the worldwide Free Seventh-day Adventist organization in 1916, this book is widely recommended to those who have never heard Sheafe's story. When considering black history month in 2016, this is an exciting volume to order and share with church groups.

Eric M. Betts, Free Seventh Day Adventists-Presiding Elder

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